Additional control for administrators was provided with the Istanbul release in the Classic Mobile UI, used until London. For information on the new Agent App in Madrid, please visit the latest ServiceNow mobile release notes.


Classic Mobile Home Page Customization

The Mobile Home Page system is made up of 4 elements, which can all be accessed through System Mobile UI > Home Screen in the Navigator. Every type of element can be assigned Roles, which gives admins a high amount of control over each individual user’s mobile experience:

  • A Home Page Collection is a group of Home Pages. The user can cycle through each available Home Page by swiping left or right on the device screen.
  • A Home Page is a container that holds all of the elements available on a single screen. Home Pages are comprised of one or more Home Page Sections.
  • A Home Page Section is a container in a Home Page that holds a set of Home Page Modules. Having Multiple Home Page Sections allows Home Page Modules to be grouped and organized within a Home Page.
  • Home Page Modules are the individual links that exist within Home Page Sections. Admins can customize the Module color and choose an icon or a custom image file as an overlay.


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Mobile Themes, System Mobile UI > Themes, allow admins to customize the look of the ServiceNow Mobile App to fit the brand of their company. Although colors and images can be added to individual Home Pages and Modules, the changes to the Mobile Theme will have an overall affect on portions of the user interface regardless of which Home Page the user is viewing.

When defining a Theme, an admin can add either a Navigation Bar Title which is text or a Navigation Bar Image. If a Navigation Bar Image is uploaded, the Navigation Bar Title will not be displayed.

Furthermore, an admin may customize 6 different colors which correspond to different UI elements:

  • Accent color
  • Navigation accent color
  • Navigation bar color
  • Navigation title color
  • Toolbar accent color
  • Toolbar color


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