Azure ARM blueprints deployment fails with the following error JavaScript error when interpreting the evaluated response for response processor :Provision_ARM_Template (ARM template - microsoft.insights/components):

Error: JavaScript error when interpreting the evaluated response for response processor :Provision_ARM_Template com.snc.cloud.mgmt.modules.svccatalog.exception.SvcCatalogException: Javascript error when interpreting the evaluated response for response processor :Provision_ARM_Template\n\tat com.snc.cloud.mgmt.modules.svccatalog.service.impl.ResponseProcessorImpl.processResponse(ResponseProcessorImpl.java:104)\n\tat com.snc.cloud.mgmt.modules.svccatalog.orchestration.result.StepResultHandler.process(StepResultHandler.java:146)\n\tat com.snc.cloud.mgmt.modules.svccatalog.orchestration.result.StepResultHandler.process(StepResultHandler.java:69)\n\tat com.snc.cloud.mgmt.modules.svccatalog.service.impl.BlueprintOrchestratorImpl.handleChunkedResult(BlueprintOrchestratorImpl.java:62)\n\tat com.snc.cloud.mgmt.modules.svccatalog.service.impl.CloudOrchestrationServiceImpl.handleChunkCompletion(CloudOrchestrationServiceImpl.java:216)\n\tat

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create catalog item from ARM template
  2. Provision the resource
  3. See failure with error message


Apply the attached XML Update Set or manually perform the below steps to apply the changes. Verify that the existing script line being replaced has a similar variable assignment or logic condition before applying the update: 

Script Includes List (location of the below scripts):

https://<service now instance name>.service-now.com/sys_script_include_list.do

  1. Navigate to CloudTemplateResponseProcessor script include.
    Change line 64 of the script to:
    var resourceType = ('' + typeGr.name).toLowerCase();
  2. Navigate to CloudFormationResponseProcessor script include.
    Add the following line after line 35 of the script:
    var resourceType = resource.ResourceType.toLowerCase();
  3. Change lines 41 and 42 of the script to:
     if (!resourcesToProcess.hasOwnProperty(resourceType))
    resourcesToProcess[resourceType] = [];
    Change line 50 of the script to:
  4. Navigate to AzureARMResponseProcessor script include.
    • Change line 10 of the script to: 
      var resourceTypesToProcess = {};
    • Change line 23 of the script to: 
      var type = resource.properties.targetResource.resourceType.toLowerCase();
    • Change line 38 of the script to:
      resourceInfo.type = resource.properties.targetResource.resourceType;


Related Problem: PRB1189939

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