The HP Service Manager Pattern has a weak condition due to horizontal Discovery potentially triggering thousands of HP Service Manager patterns. This causes ECC queue to be flowed with unnecessary tasks and result in slow performance.

Steps to Reproduce


Use the HP Service Manager Pattern for horizontal Discovery.


Install the HP Service Manager update set XML file attached to this article, which changes the process that triggers the pattern from “sm.exe” to “servicemanager.exe”.

  1. Download the attached update set XML file.

  2. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets.

  3. Import the update set.

    1. Click Import Update Set from XML.
    2. Choose the file to upload.
    3. Upload the file
  4. Once the file is uploaded, the Retrieved Update Sets page displays.

  5. Click the new update set file you just uploaded.

  6. Click Preview Update Set.

    The system will check for any errors once the previewing is completed.

  7. Close the window.

  8. Click Commit Update Set.


Related Problem: PRB1170979

Seen In


Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 5
Jakarta Patch 6

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