UI16 banner images not showing or not getting updated | Troubleshooting


This article describes the occasional situations when, despite attempts to change and upload the banner image logo, no image shows up, or the old image still appears.



There can be three factors causing this issue:


  • 1 - The image was updated in the Basic Configuration module instead of the new Basic Configuration UI16 module that takes care of the system configuration for UI16.

  • 2 - The image is updated in the correct field under Banner Image for UI16 in the Basic Configuration UI16 module, but after clicking Save, or as soon as the module is exited, the old image shows up.

    This issue is caused by the old image still existing in the Company record.

  • 3 - Duplicate entries generated in the Attachment table.
    When a banner image is updated on the Company record, the system will insert the relevant entry into the [sys_attachment] table, with table_sys_id set to the sys_id of the company record. Ideally this should be one-to-one mapping, with only one sys_attachment entry for one company record.
    However, a few redundant attachment entries could be erroneously generated for one company record. These duplicates can not be updated/deleted in any way from the core_company form GUI, and cause the system not picking up the latest image from the company record or from the 'Basic Configuration UI16' property.


  • 1 -: Navigate to System Properties > Basic Configuration UI16 and update the image for Banner Image for UI16 there instead of in the older Basic Configuration module.

  • 2 -:
    1. Navigate to Organization > Companies.

    2. Click the gear icon and add the Primary column.

    3. Filter the list to show the record with Primary field value set to true.

    4. Open the company record.

    5. Right-click in the header, then choose Configure > Form Layout.

    6. Add the UI16 Banner Image field to the Selected side and click Save.

    7. On the form, set the field to the correct image to be used as the banner image and save/update the record.

    8. Navigate to System Properties > Basic Configuration UI16 and verify that the same image is updated in the UI16 Banner Image field. If not, update the correct image and save.

    9. If you do not see the correct image, you might need to clear the cache by going to / and pressing Return, or log out and then log in again.


  • 3 -:

    1. Navigate to sys_attachment.list
    2. Filter with table_sys_id=<sys_id of your company record>
    3. If there is only one record, you are not affected, the banner image can be updated/deleted form the GUI in the core_company form.
    4. If there are more than one entry, delete the redundant entry from the list view, and make sure to keep only one valid record. 

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:19:57