How to customize the card view on Visual Task Boards


To do this:
  1. Log on to the instance
  2. Open the task record, for example incident form
  3. Switch to VTB view, via Right click on  at the top left corner of the incident form > View > VTB
  4. Right click on the form context header > Configure > Form Layout as shown in the below screenshot
  5. Add the fields which you wanted to see on the card view on VTB
  6. Save the VTB form
  7. Open the VTB board and then click on the configuration > Show card Info as shown in the below screenshot
  8. Enabling Show card info option will show the added fields on the card view

Note: Below Card details view appears to be hard coded on the platform and hence not possible to customize it.


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:19:58