Is it possible to add a carriage return to the "Initial agent response" field on the Chat queue form?


On chat queue form, Initial Agent Response field is of type Translated Field with max length 255. It is not possible to add carriage return within. This is because when the field length is less than 256, the system maps the field to varchar type on database level. The new line is not possible within varchar type field. 


What is carriage return:

carriage return, sometimes known as a cartridge return and often shortened to CR<CR> or return, is a control character or mechanism used to reset a device's position to the beginning of a line of text.



Try setting initial_agent_response field max length to more than 255. For example, when setting it to 4000, as in the incident description field, the system allows the entering of Initial Agent Response data in new line as shown in the attached screenshot. 
This is because, when the max length is increased more than 255, the system associates the field type to mediumtext type in database and then new lines can be entered. 


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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:19:59
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