Why connect chat is putting "{}" into the conversation between admin and non-admin users?


When an admin user tries to send a chat to a non admin user, we see a string {} that copies the conversation multiples times. 


How To

  1. Login as an affected admin user
  2. In separate browser, impersonate non-admin user
  3. The admin should send message Test to non-admin user
  4. Non-admin User would receive multiples times the same messages with string {} 

Another option is to just login as non-admin user, and then navigate to https://<instance>$, refresh the browser, you will see chat entries multiplies 


Observed below js error on browser console for non-admin when opening up the chat window: 
TypeError: Cannot read property 'table' of null 
at js_includes_ng_chat.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607&lp=Sun_Feb_05_01_58_09_PST_2017&c=4_64:12626 
at Object.n [as forEach] (angular_includes_1.4.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607:9) 
at Object.get members [as members] (js_includes_ng_chat.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607&lp=Sun_Feb_05_01_58_09_PST_2017&c=4_64:12625) 
at Object.get avatarMembers [as avatarMembers] (js_includes_ng_chat.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607&lp=Sun_Feb_05_01_58_09_PST_2017&c=4_64:12640) 
at fn (eval at compile (angular_includes_1.4.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607:215), <anonymous>:4:142) 
at angular_includes_1.4.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607:76 
at n (angular_includes_1.4.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607:10) 
at ba (angular_includes_1.4.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607:75) 
at D (angular_includes_1.4.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607:63) 
at angular_includes_1.4.jsx?v=11-08-2016_1607:71 



One of the chat groups was having the issue: https://<instancename><> 
To be specific, one of the live group member records involved with the chat group record was missing the member value: https://<instance><> 
The reported issue was occurring for all the members who are part of a chat group. 



At the moment, we are not sure how the live_group_member record got into this situation. However, we can resolve the reported issue either via: 
  • Adding the missing member in the offending live group member record 
  • Take a backup and delete the offending live group member record 

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Last Updated:2017-12-13 07:18:53