In a domain separated instance, why does chat transfer functionality terminate the end user chat session?


When an end user (who is in some lower domain) initiates a chat, and then agent user (who is in upper domain and has visibility to lower domain of end user) transfers chat to different queue, the chat is no longer available to the end user when he refresh the page or tries to continue the chat.



Domain separation plug-in needs to activated

  1. Log on to any out of the box Istanbul instance
  2. Setup domain for end user Abel.Tuter as TOP\ACME
  3. Setup domain for agent user Fred.Luddy as TOP
  4. Impersonate user Abel.Tuter 
  5. Initiate chat from one of the queue
  6. In another browser logon and impersonate agent user Fred.Luddy
  7. Navigate to https://<instance>$ and look for the incoming chat
  8. Accept incoming chat from Abel.Tuter
  9. Click on Transfer connect action and select another queue, for example Product Support
  10. Now go back to step 5 and try to continue the chat as end user Abel.Tuter or reload the chat page 
    https://<instance>$<chatQueue_sys_id>&channelID=<sys_id of live_group_profile of chat>

Initiated chat doesn't load anymore for Abel.Tuter.


  1. Issue appears to be caused by the fact that when the chat is transferred, the end user no longer has access to it since the chat entry is moved to higher domain
  2. Domain issues with Connect chat are fixed in Jakarta release as part of problem PRB721313.


Development team has confirmed that this reported issue has been already addressed in Jakarta release as part of problem PRB721313.

On Istanbul instances, reported issue could be worked-around via the attached business rule.

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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:20:03