Discovery Service Mapping Error: "all commands failed on host"



When running a vertical discovery on a host device belonging to a custom class, the following error is seen: 

all commands failed on host <IP_ADDRESS>. command type: <COMMAND_TYPE>. command track:

The above shows that no command implementation was attempted.



Starting from the Jakarta release, the table [sa_mapping_ext_commands] contains the list of all commands, and the operating system classes that those commands are relevant for.

In order to relate a command for the a custom class, the following steps must be followed: 

  1. Create a new record for the new Operating System Class in the [sys_choice] table: 
    1. Navigate to the [sys_choice] table. 
    2. Add a new record with the following details: 
      Table = Mapping Discovery Commands [sa_mapping_ext_commands]. 
      Element = os_class_name. 
      Value = the new table name.  
  2. Add the new class to the desired command: 
    1. Navigate to the [sa_mapping_ext_commands] table. 
    2. Click on the relevant command, for example, Shell. 
    3. Add the new class to the Operating System Class Name list. 



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