Build name: Jakarta
Build date: 08-15-2017_2030
Build tag: glide-jakarta-05-03-2017

Reported under: INT3379041

The customer is attempting to use functionality they used previously and are getting the following error from SearchMetadata:

com.glide.script.fencing.MethodNotAllowedException: Function getUser is not allowed in scope sn_global_searchui
Caused by error in sys_script_include.05b0c68867732200b133956c33415a9e.script at line 5

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Test using global search UI on the Jakarta branch
  2. Navigate to search group Knowledge & Catalog
  3. Select search table sc_cat_item
  4. Add new condition:

    field = Created By
    operation = contains
    value = javascript: gs.getUser()
  5. Perform global search for anything

    The message Function getUser is not allowed in scope sn_global_searchui displayed either on the global search UI page or on the resulting page after a link in results is clicked.


Instead of gs.getUser(), use gs.getUserID(), which returns the sys_id of the current user.

There may be other cases where filters that are allowed out-of-scope are not allowed in-scope. Converting those to use scope-safe methods is the appropriate resolution in those cases as well.

Related Problem: PRB1151412

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