On an instance configured with a recent family release and the Project Management v1 plugin, unexpected results occur on attempts to activate either the Project Management v2 or Project Management v3 plugins. When installing the v2 plugin, although the install indicates success, certain components and key fields from the tables are not installed.  This is due to changes in the behavior of the product since the Project Management v1 plugin was created.
Note: If the instance has only the Project Management v1 plugin installed, do not directly install Project Management v3. Additional details about this known issue are available in KB0547437. The following list of plugins, described in the article, are known to trigger the installation of Project Management v3. Please review the KB article before attempting to activate these plugins.
  • Project portfolio suite
  • Project portfolio suite with Financials
  • Agile 2.0 (beginning with Jakarta)
  • Timeline Visualization
  • Domain Support (Jakarta or before)


Steps to Reproduce


To confirm whether an instance is at risk for this issue, open the following list view, which has been filtered to show the installed Project Management plugins.  If the v1 plugin is installed but neither the v2 nor v3 plugins are installed, then the instance is at risk. Reach out to ServiceNow Customer Support before attempting to activate a Project Management plugin.

Filtered list view: https://<instance_name>


  • Version 1 plugin: com.snc.project_management
  • Version 2 plugin: com.snc.project_management_v2
  • Version 3 plugin: com.snc.project_management_v3




Contact ServiceNow Customer Support. before activation of the Project Management V2 plugin.

Related Problem: PRB1237886

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