Blank rows can be added when adding users to skill record

Steps to Reproduce

1. Impersonate an Admin, i.e. Alain Phalip √
2. In the left navigation bar, enter Skills Management and select 'All Skills' √
3. Add 'New' skill √
4. From the 'All Skills' list, find the skill you just created √
5. In the related list, navigate to the tab 'Contains Skills' and select Edit √
6. From the list of skills, add 3 skills to the parent and save. √
7. Verify that the page reloads and takes you back to the parent skill page displaying the 3 skills under the 'Contains skill' tab √
8. Select one of the skills under 'Contains skills' and verify that you can change the skill name, and update and delete the skill √
9. Delete the skill and confirm when the popup 'delete this record' displays
* User will be taken back to the Parent skill window and the Contains Skill will no longer be in the list
10. From the related list, select 'Users' tab and select 'Edit'
11. double click in the black spaces and a user 3 right slush bucket and 'save'
* The user is added HOWEVER the blank spaces that were selected are created as blank rows on the record as well.


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