In UI16 the Hint popup doesn't appear when hovering over Additional comments and Work notes after the record has been saved. Also right-clicking after saving the record doesn't give the context menu for those labels but rather the normal browser menu.

NOTE: this works in UI15

Steps to Reproduce

Steps to Reproduce
- Go to: Incident > Create New
- Scroll down to Work notes
- Right-click on Work notes > Configure Label
- Add a Hint text and click Update
- Hover over Work notes and Additional comments
- Observe the Hint popup
- Enter a Caller and Short discription
- Right-click record header and Save
- Scroll down to Notes Section
- Hover over Additional comments (no hint)
- Select Work notes checkbox, then hover over Work notes label (no hint, also the text box now has the yellow bar on the left border)
Expected Behaviour
Hint text should display for both Additional comments and Work notes
Observed Behaviour
No hint text popup on hovering over Additional comments and Work note


Currently there is no workaround

Related Problem: PRB709876

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 2
Helsinki Patch 5
Helsinki Patch 7

Fixed In


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