When an email is generated, a new entry is created in the Activity stream. On this update is a "Show Email Details" link. If this link is clicked after the new activity entry shows in the activity stream, but before the form is refreshed, the email shows in a new tab or window (depending on browser preference). If the form is reloaded, the link will allow the email to be displayed within the activity formatter as expected.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Access any current instance configured to send and receive emails
2. Create a new incident.
3. Wait a minute or so, and we'll see an "Email sent" update in the activity formatter, that includes a "Show Email Details" link.
4. Click the link. Notice the email will appear in a new browser tab or window.
5. Go back to the incident and reload the form.
6. Click the "Show Email Details" link again. Notice this time the email is displayed inline within the activity formatter.


This problem is targeted to be fixed in the London release, no workaround or back-porting patches are available for the current versions. You can Subscribe to this article to receive notifications when more information will become available.


Related Problem: PRB1163591

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