Toggle template bar --> create new template doesn't take copy planned duration correctly from project form when days are 0 !
For example if Planned duration in project is Days--> 0, Hours --> 06:00:00 , template copy the planned duration and shows Days -> 06:00:00 and hours--> 0:0:0

Steps to Reproduce

1. Login to demo instance
2.Naviagte to project portfolio management --> project --> craete new
3. Fill all mandatory fields and set planned duration is Days--> 0, Hours --> 10:00:00
3. Save record--> Right click on form Header -->Toggle Template Bar
4. Create New Template
5. Notice the planned duration is all messed up, It shows Days -> 10:00:00 and hours--> 0:0:0

Expected: Template should display planned duration as it defined on ppm_project form , Days--> 0, Hours --> 10:00:00


This can be easily corrected before saving template.

Related Problem: PRB933008

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