Gathering network information for an intermittent issue


This article gives a quick explanation on how to gather client side network information so that Technical Support can diagnose intermittent issues which are not logged in the Application Log Files. This normally applies to cases which may be being caused by console errors or network issues.


Procedure (Chrome)


Note: You can take similar steps in other browsers but the buttons might be slightly different. Note that you cannot copy HAR from Internet Explorer.



  1. In the tab in which you want to reproduce the issue, go to Chrome Options (top right corner) > More Tools > Developer Tools.

  2. Click the Options menu (three dots) in the top right of the Developer Tools and select the option to Undock in a Separate Window.

    This choice enables you to have the tools in the background without disrupting your work.

  3. Select the Network tab at the top of the developer tools.

  4. Check the Preserve Log checkbox.

    This setting will gather all network traffic for that specific tab in Chrome so you need to complete these steps in the tab that has the issue. At that point, you can move the dev tools to the background.

  5. Once the issue happens, right-click on the network section where the request name is and choose to Save a HAR with content.


    This file will be larger depending on the time you have the tools open. Therefore, if the issue is intermittent, try to clear out the log every few minutes by clicking the Clear button.


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