The ServiceNow WMI collector service after the upgrade of MID Servers to IP9/IP10 or Jakarta Patch 3 does not  respond and might go into a restart loop.



Steps to Reproduce


Watch for the following symptoms:

  • The MID Server throws the error "Failed to communicate with the WMI collector service."
  • The WMI service is struck in starting state.
  • The WMI service consumes a lot of CPU.

Check the WMI collector error messages in the MID server logs for further confirmation.

  1. Navigate to MID Server > Servers.

  2. Select the affected MID server.

  3. Under Related Links, click Grab MID Logs.




    1. Stop the service ServiceNow WMI Collector.

    2. Copy the log4net.dll file from c:\windows\system32 to the agent\sw_wmi\bin folder (where the wmi_collector.exe file resides).

    3. Restart the ServiceNow WMI Collector.
    4. Restart the MID Server.

      1. On the MID Server, navigate to Services.
      2. Find the MID Server service and start it.


Related Problem: PRB1108679

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 6

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