Changes to records in the Standard Change Template [std_change_record_producer] table are still being captured in update sets on pre-Istanbul instances that have been upgraded to Istanbul or later.

These records should not be included in update sets because they reference other records that are not captured, which will result in errors when the update set is previewed/committed on another instance.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Provision a Helsinki instance at any patch level.

  2. Make sure the Change Management - Standard Change Catalog plugin [com.snc.change_management.standard_change_catalog] is active.

  3. Navigate to System Definition > Dictionary.

  4. Open the record with type of Collection for the std_change_record_producer table.

  5. On the Attribute tab, verify that the Update synch attribute is set to true.

  6. Upgrade to Istanbul or a later release.

    Note that the update_synch attribute should be set to false but it remains true, meaning that changes to Standard Change Templates are still recorded in update sets with a record for the [std_change_record_producer] table.


Contact ServiceNow Customer Support to file a change request to update the update_synch attribute on your instance.

Related Problem: PRB1235402

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