How to hide the Save button on Service Portal form view when accessing closed tickets


If you do not want a user to update a closed record, you might consider hiding the blue Save button on Service Portal form view when accessing records in a closed state. However, in Service Portal, the blue Save’ button is always visible.

Resolution / Workaround

In a base instance, you currently cannot hide the Save button without modifying the form widget, which would require you to clone the widget and then script a condition to check against the State value of the record. One option is to clone the form widget and remove the button entirely, and instead use a UI Action for the Incident table on the form to do a conditional check against the State value. The blue Save button will be gone from the cloned form on the right side, and a new gray Save UI action will appear on the bottom-left for records not equal to 7 (the base instance value for "closed").


Note that the blue Save button is now gone and the Save UI Action shows only on records that are not Closed.


Article Information

Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:20:18