When using the typeahead search widget in the Service Portal, an error message appears for each Search Source configured on the Service Portal when the first letter is typed.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Activate a U18N language translation plugin, such as German.
  2. Activate the Service Portal for Enterprise Service Management plugin.
  3. Switch the user's language to German.
  4. Navigate to the Service Portal homepage where the Homepage Search widget is configured, or any other page where the Typeahead Search widget is present.
  5. Start typing in the search field. As one letter is not sufficient to run a text search, no search results should be attempted to be returned.

Observe the error message displayed multiple times:


This issue has been partially fixed in Kingston. A related issue is still affecting later releases, see PRB1288882/KB0693148.

On earlier releases, to filter the error from the Service Portal:

  1. Copy the error message returned when searching, for example:
    "Ihr Abfragetext enthielt nur allgemeine Wörter oder nicht eindeutige Platzhalter. Schränken Sie die Suche ein, und versuchen Sie es erneut"

  2. Navigate to System Definition > Tables and go to the sp_filtered_message table.

  3. Create a new record with the following values:

    • Message: the same text as the error text
    • Reason: any text, for example, "Workaround for PRB999999"

    Note that this setting will also hide the error when there is a genuine reason to not search on a particular term, for example, the search terms contain a Stop Word.

Related Problem: PRB908513

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