How to Configure the fields shown on record cards in Connect


When a record is either linked to or created from a connect conversation the details of the record are displayed as a card (see screenshot). These can be edited by following the steps below.

Example of Record Card from Linked KB Article.


To configure the fields shown on record cards in Connect, create a List view with the name Connect for that record's table. This view will apply only to the full connect page ($ and the end user view of support conversations.

  1. Navigate to the record’s list view, for example, incident.list or kb_knowledge.list
  2. Right-click a column header and select Configure > List Layout.
  3. In the View name drop-down list, choose New to create a new view.
  4. Name the new view Connect.
  5. Edit the fields accordingly and then click Save.

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Additional Information 

You cannot remove the Author or the Updated fields from the card regardless of whether they are on the view or not. 

The Card will always show the Short Description field in the top even if it is added to the list.

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