A program with a null sys_id is created when a Program reference on a project is removed along with a change in the State or Date fields. This program triggers corruption of all planned task records when project state/percent complete is changed.



Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Project > Projects > Work In Progress.

  2. Filter for [Program] [is not empty] AND [State][is][Work in Progress].

  3. Remove the Program reference.

  4. Change State from Work in Progress to Pending.

  5. Click Update.


Possible workarounds to avoid creation of a program with a null sys_id:

  • Write a business rule on pm_project to not allow update of program and state(or)dates together.
  • Write an ACL on Project to not allow updates of program(only if business permits it).

Workaround to avoid mass update of planned task records:

Modify the BR "SyncTaskToShadow" on planned_task to check for null sys_id - refer to the sys_script_1fd6d3fc9f032200598a5bb0657fcfd7.xml attached here.


Related Problem: PRB1026077

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Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 11
Jakarta Patch 2

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