When attempting to add extended fields of cmdb_ci (and possibly other Table Per Partition) fields, large table structures can cause adding those fields to be unacceptably slow, and potentially locking the browser. This is likely to occur in any place where you are able to add extended fields using a slushbucket, such as in the Report Builder or when trying to add dot-walked fields to forms configuring Form Layout.

Steps to Reproduce


Note – These steps are valid for user interfaces prior to UI16. Although the issue does occur on UI16, reproducing it on that UI requires slightly different steps. if you get switched to UI16, click the gear icon in the upper right and switch to UI15.

  1. Go to /sys_properties_list.do and set glide.ui.list.allow_extended_fields sys_property to true.

  2. Go to sys_report_template.do.

  3. From the Data drop-down menu, select Table > Task (or any table that has a reference to the Configuration Item table).

  4. In the list of Available fields, scroll to find the Configuration Item field (or whatever field references cmdb_ci) and click it.

    Between the Available and Selected fields, a new "mapping" icon appears above the < and > icons.

  5. Click the new icon.

    Expected behavior: Available fields will be updated to show all of the fields that extend from the cmdb_ci table. This should take a reasonable period of time.

    Actual behavior: The browser locks. Although the browser will eventually become active again, its return takes an unacceptable period of time.




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Related Problem: PRB1169930

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 1 Hot Fix 1
Jakarta Patch 3

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 5 Hot Fix 2
Jakarta Patch 6
Kingston Patch 1

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