How to address an unavailable Edge Encryption Proxy throwing the error 'java connection failed'


EEP are connecting via an Enterprise Proxy, this may cause an issue if the Enterprise Proxy is intermittently unreachable.


Applications show time out errors, but the EEP does not show any errors until restarted.
  • Instance logs will show the Java connection timeout
  • Users will experience the Edge Encryption Proxy as unavailable


The error occurs when the further connection to an intermediate proxy can not be established. Without connectivity the encryption proxy cannot reach the instance.


Diagnose the intermediate proxy and restart it if necessary. This has to be 100% reachable and running.
Following that, the Edge Encryption Proxy Service will need to be restarted. Error messages, if present, will not appear before a few minutes that the service has been running.


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Last Updated:2018-01-30 10:50:25