When Accessibility is enabled and typing the full name of an existing user and pressing Tab, the user is not auto-selected in the Reference field.


Steps to Reproduce


1. Enable accessibility mode from user preferences.
2. Open the incident form
3. Type a user's full name in the Caller field (for example, Abel Tuter) and press Tab.

Instead of Abel Tuter being selected and listed in the Reference field, the Reference field is empty.


Turn off Accessibility mode.

Additional Information

This is the intended behavior for accessibility mode as of Jakarta. We made this change for PRB819535 in response to feedback from an accessibility auditor: "Make sure that any significant change in context is initiated by the user, not programmatically. For example, if a user is required to select an item from a combo box or autocomplete menu, don't immediately add that option to an associated list box when they tab away from the control, as the user may have made a mistake or has decided not to select anything."

Related Problem: PRB1236277

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 3
Jakarta Patch 4

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