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Checked on Helsinki, Jakarta
Issue Description:
From navigation go to Self Service > My Assessments and Surveys
Notice that for Survey which have the option to retake shows 
State: Complete
But button label shows : Take Survey (Should show Modify Survey)

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Survey > View Surveys
  2. Choose any survey, for example Service Desk Satisfaction Survey and make Allow retake to true
  3. Assign Survey to Abel Tuter
  4. Impersonate Abel Tuter
  5. From navigation, Self Service > My Assessments and Surveys
  6. Take Service Desk Satisfaction Survey 
  7. Complete it and Submit
  8. Navigate back to My Assessments & Surveys, observe that the button stays as Take Survey rather than Modify Survey for the survey which Abel Tuter took already.
Button label is Take Survey



1) Login as Admin

2) Navigate to System UI > UI Pages

3) Search for UI page with name "assessment_list"

4) Open the UI Page,

5) Take a backup using Export as XML

6) Do the following modifications.


1. In the HTML section, add a new variable to the state string Id ( non-translated )

a. Find the following code line

record.inst_state = gr.state.getDisplayValueExt().toString();

b. Add the following code to get state string id (non-translated), above the line:

record.inst_state_id = gr.state.getValue().toString();

c. Save the modifications


2. Modify the Client Script, the compare with the above added "inst_state_id":

a. Find the code with following code line

else if (data[id].inst_state == "complete")

b. Modify to 

else if (data[id].inst_state_id == "complete")

c. Save the modifications


7) Test your changes.

Related Problem: PRB1181351

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