After upgrading the Temp instance to Istanbul, the Cart layout is not working in the ESS portal. For example, when opening a category, no Shopping cart is displayed on the right.

Steps to Reproduce

This issue can be reproduced on every out of box instance: 

  1. Open ESS portal > Order things > Hardware. See that shopping cart is available, for the internal cart.
  2. In the backend, navigate to Content Management > Sites 
  3. Select Employee Self-Service and set Use external cart to true
  4. In the Pages related list, click on Portal - Order Hardware
  5. Click Edit Page link
  6. Click Add content > Content Blocks > Catalog Cart and place it somewhere on the page
  7. Open ESS portal again > Order things > Hardware. See there is no internal cart available anymore, which is expected because of step 3, but as well as no external cart, which is the one that was placed on the page in step 6, is seen. 
    8. Open the browser's console and inspect the element where the Catalog Cart content block was placed. See that the cart is available in the HTML structure but it is set to display:none


Along with setting the Use external cart to true at the Site level on the CMS, set the to false for supporting the Catalog Cart Block. This should then hide the internal cart while the cart rendered via the Catalog Cart content block is still available.

Related Problem: PRB916255

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