After uploading a large number of files (14+) to a record, the attachment popup gives no indication of completion and stays on the screen indefinitely.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Navigate to Incident > Open and open an incident record .

  2. Click the Attachment icon and choose Browse.

  3. Select a large number of files (for example, 30) and click Open.

    The minimum number of files that causes the issue can vary depending on the instance. As few as 14 files have been seen to cause the issue. The size of the files appears to be irrelevant.

    The uploading process appears to never finish, and the popup stays on the screen indefinitely with a loading animation. Note that if you reload the form, you see that the attachment process was successful.


Load files in smaller batches. Note that functionally is not affected and refreshing the page removesĀ  the loading bar from the display.

Related Problem: PRB1235276

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