When adding a related field column to a list report which already has a filter condition on a dot-walked field of the same type, the column will not render on the report.

The issue occurs only when using the old report builder UI until Jakarta, not in the new report builder UI.


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Reports > Create New
  2. Use the below details
    Table: task_sla
    Type: List
  3. Add condition using these steps
    • Select Show related fields
    • Select Task > Task fields
    • Select Task Type
    • Set the condition to Task Type is Incident
  4. Clear out all the selected columns except Task
  5. Select Task [+] in available slush bucket and click [+] to expand
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and select Category [incident] and add to select columns
  7. Click Run. The 2nd column is not showing.
  8. Save the report
  9. The selected field added is now missing.

    Note: If removing the condition, save the report and then you can add related fields. After related fields are added, then add the condition back and it works, but adjusting the report will break it.



This behaviour will not be changed in the legacy report builder. Use the new reporting UI, where the issue does not occur.


Related Problem: PRB1235348

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