Email Client Templates with "javascript:" tags on the To, CC, BCC or Subject are not supported


You can create a different template for each table that uses the email client. Email client templates allows to use email scripts and variable substitution to complete the fields available on the template.

However, if using a javascript:xxx tag, it gets executed on the email client as javascript.



While javascript:xxx tags work when used on the To, CC, BCC and Subject fields, it is not consistent and it could cause incorrect results.

This problem is recognized, on the Email template, To, CC, BCC or subject fields contains a string starting with javascript:.
For example: + ; +

Note: This code does not work with more than one email.

On the result email sent, the recipients look like recipient1;recipient2; which is incorrect instead of recipient1,recipient2; which is correct.

The error string shows Error SMTPSender: no recipients, email send ignored



javascript:xxxx tags are executed on the browser and it depends on the javascript variables loaded at the time this is executed. Our development team has not tested nor considers this use case so the results are unexpected. In most cases, the problem is the the script evaluates after the client is loaded, and the result is not parsed correctly as a static string would do.

No supported



Replace the javascript tags with static text on To, CC, BCC. On the Subject, use variable substitution. On the Body, mail scripts can also be used.  

Note: Email Scripts are not able to modify the email object as it does not exist at the time the Email client executes. This mean that functions like email.addAddressccxxxx do not work on email client scripts.



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