If running an upgrade test from pre-Jakarta release to Jakarta or later release on a sub-production instance by cloning over the pre-Jakarta production instance, and when the upgrade is proceeded on the production instance, at the end of the upgrade, the following could be noticed:

  • The number of changes on the Upgrade Summary Report from the Upgrade Monitor for the upgrade on production instance is different from the number of changes for the upgrade on the sub-production instance.
  • The record count of the Changes Applied related list on the upgrade history record for the upgrade on the production instance is different from the count of the Changes Applied related list for the test upgrade on the sub-production instance.

This issue is caused by the sys_upgrade_state table, which is used to summarize the statistics of upgrade whether ServiceNow has changed the specific records or not, being excluded during the clone process. Due to the exclusion of the table, the upgrade summary statistics on the sub-production does not reflect the actual Changed by vendor value on each of the Upgrade Details record. Notice that this issue only affects the upgrade summary. It does not make the upgrade behavior different for an upgrade from a pre-Jakarta release to Jakarta or later. The upgrade process on sub-production and production remain the same.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Clone an Istanbul instance
  2. Upgrade the clone
  3. Record the number of changes applied
  4. Upgrade the source instance

Fewer changes applied.


The fix to this problem (clone excluding rules) was present in newly deployed Jakarta instances, but instances on an older release getting upgraded to any Jakarta patch may encounter the issue.

  1. Before cloning the production instance over sub-production instance for upgrade test, navigate to System Clone > Clone Definition > Exclude Tables
  2. Find the Exclude Tables record with name of sys_upgrade_.*
  3. Delete the record so that table starts with sys_upgrade_ will not be excluded during clone
  4. Create 3 more Exclude Tables records with the following Name to exclude tables starting with sys_upgrade_ other than sys_upgrade_state:
    • sys_upgrade_blame
    • sys_upgrade_history
    • sys_upgrade_history_log
  5. Start the clone process for the upgrade test on sub-production instance

Related Problem: PRB1184372

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