Unable to create ATF input or output variables with type reference. The 'Reference' field is required, but it does not appear on the form.

Steps to Reproduce


1) Create a new Step Configuration with any values for all the required fields
2) On the step configuration detail form find the Input Variables Related List and click New
3) Set the input variable Type to "Reference"
Expected: The form section that enabled the user to set the reference association is available
Result: It is not


1) Navigate to System UI > Forms

2) Search for records using the filter:

(Table is atf_input_variable OR

Table is atf_output_variable) AND

View.Title is Advanced

3) There should be 2 records matching the query (with sys_ids 'f10ae6f09fd32200ef4afa7dc67fcfc1' and '0966c9f90b3222000b7da95e93673aaf')

4) Delete both of these records

Related Problem: PRB1149655

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 5

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