In the Kingston release, Service Mapping does not consider the value in the mid.discovery.credentialless.enable system property, which enables MID Servers on which Nmap is installed to be used for credential-less Discovery. This property is set to true by default and cannot be used to disable credential-less application Discovery for Service Mapping across all MID Servers. However, this property is honored by horizontal Discovery.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Install Nmap on a MID Server in your network.
  2. Assign an IP address range to that MID Server.
  3. Verify that the mid.discovery.credentialless.enable system property is set to true.
  4. Delete, change, or deactivate the credentials for one or more host machines within that IP address range.
  5. Run Service Mapping on an IP address and port within the test range.
  6. Verify that credential-less application Discovery ran successfully.
  7. Set the mid.discovery.credentialless.enable property to false.
  8. Run Service Mapping again on the same IP address and port.
  9. Verify that the setting on the property did not disable credential-less application Discovery.
        Note: Credential-less application Discovery should not run when this property is set to false.


To disable the execution of credential-less Discovery for MID Servers used with Service Mapping, uninstall Nmap on all MID Servers that can access the IP ranges used by Service Mapping.

Related Problem: PRB1234931

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