Content from style tags defined in email layouts V1 are visible on the outbound emails because they are being rendered as HTML when applied to notification.

For example, Approval Rejected by Other contains no styles tag <style, but the email layout Unsubscribe and Preferences contains <style>...</style>. When applied to a email template, the HTML text on the style tags is made visible.

Problem with template

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create a new notification test styles, on sysapproval_approver, sys_version = v2, when updated/inserted,
    then on the HTML body, set Email template:
  2. Note template, has email layout Unsubscribe and Preferences, which contains:

    #snc_notification_preference {
        text-decoration: none;
    #snc_notification_unsubscribe {
        text-decoration: none;

  1. Insert a comment on any approval record to trigger the notification

The result is the previous HTML text becomes:

<div> <style></div>
<div>    #snc_notification_preference {</div><div>        text-decoration: none;</div>
<div>    }</div>
<div>    </div>
<div>    #snc_notification_unsubscribe {</div>
<div>        text-decoration: none;</div>
<div>    }</div

It makes the styles visible.


To resolve the problem, either:

  1. Remove layout field from the email notification template, or
  2. Change the email template be Rich HTML by using the Switch to Rich HTML Editor, then save. It will set the email template as HTML and sys_version V2.

Email template

Related Problem: PRB1112872

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Jakarta Patch 5

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