MID agent log error: Problem creating JMX JMXMP connector


mid.jmx.enabled MID Server connection parameter is set; however the following error is thrown in the MID Server agent log:

10/11/17 19:00:00 (811) StartupSequencer SEVERE *** ERROR *** Problem creating JMX JMXMP connector Address already in use: JVM_Bind


Another process bound to the same port.

You can use TCPView (Windows only) from Windows Sysinternals to help identify which processes are listening on which port. It also provides a convenient context menu to either kill the process or close the connection that is getting in the way.

Alternatively, if JMX server is not being used, you can set the mid.jmx.enabled MID Server property to false. See the product documentation topic Add a MID Server Parameter for more information.


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Last Updated:2018-12-20 21:08:42