User Criteria is not being applied to the search results of the Typeahead Search widget. It is possible for users to search and find catalog items that should not have visibility. It is also possible to view the details of the catalog item and even order the item.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Create new User Criteria:
    • name = Only Abel.Tuter
    • users = Abel Tuter
  2. Navigate to Maintain Category Hardware:
    • Add Only Abel.Tuter user criteria to the Not Available related list.
  3. Impersonate user Abel Tuter
  4. Navigate to the service portal. Click Service Catalog
    • See that the SC Categories widget does not include Hardware category, for example, user criteria is applied here.
    • Note that catalog item Standard Laptop is item in Hardware category only.
  5. In Typeahead Search field enter Standard Laptop, and see item is in results list. For example, user criteria is not applied here.
  6. Click the item. 
The details of the item is displayed to the user and its possible to order. This should not be possible as the user should not have visibility to any items in the category Hardware.


Use the attached update set to get the workaround code.

Related Problem: PRB904035

Seen In

Istanbul Patch 3

Fixed In


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