Due to a dictionary entry change related to support being added for attachments on MID Server Script Files, a multiple update database execution is performed when an attachment is deleted to null out references. Even though no actual change is made, this triggers the database listener MidScriptListener to incorrectly notify all MID Servers of a potential change.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Initiate a grab log files from an existing MID Server record.

  2. Upon an input response with an attachment, remove the attachment.

    Note that an ecc_queue record is created per MID Server with the following:
    Topic: SystemCommand, Source: FileChange, Name: ecc_agent_script_file, Queue: output


Update the following dictionary entry and set Reference cascade rule = None, not the default -- None --. This is also part of the official patch, and should not be reverted.

  1. Navigate to /sys_dictionary_list.do.

  2. Find the Dictionary Entry for Table = ecc_agent_script_file, Column name = script_attachment.

  3. Under Related Links, click Advanced View.

  4. Under Reference Specification - Additional Customization look for Reference cascade rule and select None from the drop-down, not the default -- None --.

    See the screenshot below:

  5. Clear the MID Server ECC queue if required, to avoid unprocessed messages to be sent.
    Manage ECC Queue content for a MID Server
    ECC queue

  6. Restart the MID Server node.



Related Problem: PRB1204637

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Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 7
Jakarta Patch 8
Kingston Patch 1
Kingston Patch 2

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