Wiki Retirement Scheduled for December 10, 2017

Documentation on the ServiceNow Wiki applies to Fuji and earlier versions of the ServiceNow platform. Content on the Wiki is out of date for Geneva and later versions; therefore, using Wiki documentation for any versions after Fuji means you might encounter incorrect information about features and functionality. The site wiki.servicenow.com will therefore be decommissioned on December 10, 2017. All Wiki content will be archived in PDF files, which will be posted on docs.servicenow.com under "Archived Versions."

If you link to wiki.servicenow.com, start linking to docs.servicenow.com instead.

What happens when the wiki is decommissioned?

All links to the Wiki will be redirected to the ServiceNow Product Documentation site (docs.servicenow.com). For the top 1000+ Wiki articles (which represent 90% of wiki page views for the past three months), we will provide direct links to similar content on docs.servicenow.com. All other Wiki links will be redirected to the Product Documentation home page.

We will prevent internal and external search engines from indexing the Wiki site, improving external search visibility for the Product Documentation site.

Users who need Fuji or earlier content will be able to access the Wiki content as PDF files on the Product Documentation site under Archived Versions.

What have we done to prepare?

Preparation has included a focus on search engine optimization (SEO), removing links to the Wiki on other sites, filling content gaps, and providing a new aggregated search on HI.

Improving SEO for docs.servicenow.com increases the visibility of the site and makes it easier for users to find the most relevant content.

We have addressed concerns about missing API reference information by adding several hundred JavaScript API reference topics to the product documentation site.

Until September, the Wiki was the only ServiceNow site that offered an aggregated search, which enabled users to search the Wiki, product documentation, Knowledge Base, and Community. With the release of an improved aggregated search on HI, authenticated and unauthenticated users will continue to be able to search across product documentation, Knowledge Base, and Community, plus other content sources like Service Catalog.

Preserving Wiki content for future use

If you reference certain content on the Wiki frequently, you can create a Wiki book with key topics and save the book as a PDF for future reference. Personal books can be made using the book creator tool to group together any set of Wiki pages.

  1. Under the PRINT section of the Wiki navigation pane, click Create a Book.
    The book creator page appears.
  2. Click Start book creator.
    The book creator tool appears at the top of the screen.
  3. To add a page to a book, navigate to the page and click Add this page to your book in the book creator tool. Click Remove this page from your book to remove a page.
  4. When you have added all the desired pages to your book, click Show book in the book creator tool.
    The book management page appears.
  5. Add a Title and Subtitle for the book.
  6. [Optional] Customize the book by adding chapters or reordering pages.
  7. Download or order a copy of your book:
    • Click Download as PDF to download the book as a PDF file. Note that some users have experienced issues when printing using Adobe PDF software. An alternative PDF reader should be used if any printing errors occur.
    • Click Preview with PediaPress to render a preview of your book on a third-party printing service website. You can order a printed copy of the book.

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