List V3 is failing/not loading for sys_user when Resource Management plugin activated, loads list v2 because of incompatibility of UI Action loaded.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Activate Resource Management plugin
2. navigate to sys_user_list.do
3. list is showing in list v2 
4. On the list header (grey band with page navigation and search text), you will see a bug icon known as "Debug List v3 Compatibility", clicking on that should show the following: 
- - - - 
- Hierarchical Lists (correct/green check 
- List edit insert row (correct/green check) 
- Client-side UI Action (incorrect/ red X) 
- - - - 
5. The error is referencing the 'View Calendar' UI Action which was loaded as part of the Resource Management plugin : 



A workaround would be to disable the 'View Calendar' UI action for List context menus if list v3 is needed for sys_user table.

Related Problem: PRB715518

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 4

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Last Updated:2018-08-21 12:11:07