List V3 is failing/not loading for sys_user when Resource Management plugin activated, loads list v2 because of incompatibility of UI Action loaded.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Activate Resource Management plugin
2. navigate to
3. list is showing in list v2 
4. On the list header (grey band with page navigation and search text), you will see a bug icon known as "Debug List v3 Compatibility", clicking on that should show the following: 
- - - - 
- Hierarchical Lists (correct/green check 
- List edit insert row (correct/green check) 
- Client-side UI Action (incorrect/ red X) 
- - - - 
5. The error is referencing the 'View Calendar' UI Action which was loaded as part of the Resource Management plugin : 



A workaround would be to disable the 'View Calendar' UI action for List context menus if list v3 is needed for sys_user table.

Related Problem: PRB715518

Seen In

Helsinki Patch 4

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