In the CAB Workbench, an approved/rejected agenda item is marked as having no decision if the meeting is ended while the agenda item is still the "current agenda item".


Steps to Reproduce


  1. Install the Change Management - CAB Workbench plugin along with the demo data.

    For more information, see the documentation topic Activate a plugin.

  2. Navigate to Change > Change Advisory Board > All CAB meetings.

  3. Note the Manager of one of the meetings and then impersonate that user.

  4. Select a meeting and under Related links, click Go to this meeting in CAB Workbench.

  5. Click Start meeting in the meeting tab.

  6. Under Current Agenda Item, note a change with Approve and Reject buttons.

  7. Click Reject or Approve, add text to the Comment field, and click Reject/Approve. Note the change number.

  8. Click End meeting.

    When you return to the CAB meeting form, refresh the form to reload the Agenda Items related list. Note that the state of the rejected/approved change is "No Decision." It should be "Complete".



After approving or rejecting a change, click Next to bring up the next agenda item. This ensures the agenda item will have the correct State value set; i.e. Completed instead of No Decision.


Related Problem: PRB1089829

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