Global Search results show only sys_id's if Default views are missing

When the Default view of a table does not exist, the global search shows only a sys_id. PRB1204046 notes that the Default view for a table is deleted if someone views a public report of that table without being authenticated, which was fixed in Geneva and Helsinki (see KB0597466 for more information). However, this issue has re-occurred in Istanbul and Jakarta. 


The new Global search shows a sys_id for the result record and all of the other fields are missing. Also, the default list view for the table showing a sys_id is gone. To verify this, go to sys_ui_list.list and search for table = <table_name> and Title = Default view


Re-create the Default view for the list of that table. For more information about formatting the global search results, see the product documentation topic Text search views format search results.

To prevent this issue from occurring again, make all public reports from type list not public so that they can be accessed only when the user is authenticated.



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Last Updated:2019-08-02 21:20:40