When text is typed into the UI16 application navigator, the visible applications and modules are filtered dynamically to match the string. Sometimes, the results returned are sometimes unusual. For example, when typing Plugin, and see results for the System Definition application. This can exhibit on slower connections more frequently, but is not limited to slower connections.

Steps to Reproduce


In Chrome, open the developer tools and select the Network tab. Under the throttling menu, select Good 3G.

  1. With UI16 enabled, enter a string in the application navigator filter. For example, Plugin.
    • The application navigator displays many results that do not contain the word plugin.
  2. If the issue doesn't occur, repeat step 1 with a variety of strings, such as Create and Inci. It may take a few tries before the issue surfaces.


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Related Problem: PRB1069212

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Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 11 Hot Fix 2
Istanbul Patch 11b Hot fix 1
Jakarta Patch 8

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