When users log into different sessions and are viewing the same approval record, one user can reject and the other can approve the same record, which causes the latest update to be accepted.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Make sure that the Approval with E-Signature plugin is activated.

    For more information, see the documentation topic Activate a plugin.

  2. Set the password of the demo data users Beth Anglin and ITIL User.

  3. Create a new change request with placeholder values for the required fields and Assignment group set to Database, and request approval.

    Note that approvals are sent to Beth Anglin, Fred Luddy, and ITIL User.

  4. Log on to two different sessions with Beth Anglin and ITIL User.

  5. With each session, open the Change request created, and on the Approvers tap, set the approval request as follows:

    • For Beth Anglin, set the record to Approved, then authenticate the user to complete.
    • For ITIL User, set the record to Rejected, then authenticate the user to complete.

    The user should not be able to reject a change request after approval. However, the record shows both Approved and Rejected, with the user able to reject after the request has been approved.

    approved and rejected record


In this scenario, only the first approval or rejection is taken into account. The second approval is not used.

Related Problem: PRB1088436

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