In firefox when the description field on a task record has a value and is visible on the form the modal window available when you click on the number in a task card does not work correctly. Either removing the field or deleting the value seems to resolve the issue for individual task records.

Steps to Reproduce

Note: The following steps will only work in firefox and require change_request to have the description field on the form.

1. Go to change_request table.
2. Right click header and select "Show Visual Task Board"
3. Click to open a change_request card.
4. Click the number in resultant window to open modal window with change_request form.

At this point client errors can be observed as well as issues with related lists including some lists not loading and UI actions not responding.


If you remove the Description field from the VTB view on the forms, the Related Lists will load in the Visual Task Boards for Firefox users.

Related Problem: PRB1173148

Seen In

Jakarta Patch 6
Jakarta Patch 7

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 10
Kingston Patch 8

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