On I18N translated instances, exporting to a CSV or Excel file from a list filtered using 'contains', or 'starts with', or 'ends with' operators, does not consider translations, and results into incorrect output data.

You will experience this problem if the list view shows the correct results, but when exporting to CSV or Excel, the report does not contains the same records. The problem is caused by the SQL LIKE filter operator (contains, starts with, ends with), not taking into account the translated choice labels.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Enable plugin "I18N: Brazilian Portuguese Translations" or "I18N: French Translations" or any other I18N.

  2. Switch language of current user to "Brazilian Portuguese" or "French" or the non-English language enabled.

    3. Go to <instance>/
    In English: Name = Add network switch to datacenter cabinet
    In Portuguese: Name =  Adicionar comutador de rede ao arquivo do centro de dados
    In French: Name = Ajouter un commutateur réseau au boîtier du centre de données

    4. Change to the installed non-English language, the go to
    In Portuguese: <instance>/
    In French: <instance>/
    You will notice on record is showing the name in the translated language

    5. Export to Excel. Notice the output report does not contain any record visible in the list view, but just the headers.



This problem was fixed in Istanbul Patch 10 and onwards. If a workaround is required, you should either:

  1. Perform the query without a LIKE (contains, start with, end with) operator on translated choices or fields
  2. Set your language to English before performing the report
  3. Use the English label value on the query for the report. It will not show the results on the list view but the report will contain the data.
    e.g. With the translated text in English: <instance>/

Related Problem: PRB899921

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There is no data to report.

Fixed In

Istanbul Patch 10
Jakarta Patch 5

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There is no data to report.

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