When attempting to create reports, if adding a field from a variable, the report will default to only showing the first record and nothing further. Furthermore, if using group by, it will recognize other records are available but not show them.


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Edit a catalog item such as Submit an IT request.
  2. Add these variables: Incident Number (reference type to incident), Incident description (multi-line text).
  3. Submit the catalog item a few times to generate some records in sc_req_item.
  4. Set the system property glide.ui.optimize.lists to false.
  5. Create a report on the requested item table (sc_req_item), andadd a filter for Item = <catalog item created or Submit an IT Request>.
  6. Run the report. Observe only one record is displayed, even though there are many records.
  7. Remove the filter and run the report again. Observe all records are shown.


This problem is targeted to be fixed in upcoming patches. The recommended workaround is to have both properties listed below set to their default value of true.



Also see the workarounds to the behaviour described in KB0529493 where dot-walked fields in a list report would not load properly if the referenced property glide.ui.list.optimize is set to true.  It is recommended to set both properties mentioned to true and, if necessary, to first apply the first two workarounds suggested in PRB573139.

Related Problem: PRB1162821

Seen In

There is no data to report.

Fixed In

Jakarta Patch 10
Jakarta Patch 8a Hot Fix 2
Kingston Patch 7

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There is no data to report.

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