- When a report has a drilldown defined as a list, right-clicking and exporting the list does not work. Nothing happens when trying to export. In addition, the pagination may not show on the list, and certain characters are not unescaped.

- When a homepage contains an interactive filter widget linking to a report created from a database view, when the interactive filter widget is changed and upon refresh, the report created from database view will display unescaped characters. 

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Navigate to Report > Create New.
  2. Create a report with title test on the Task [task] table.
  3. On the Type tab, select Bar.
  4. On the Configure tab, group the report by Configuration Item and click Save.
  5. Click the Report Structure icon next to Save and Select Add Drilldown.
  6. Name the drilldown test2. On the Type tab, select Bar; on the Configure tab, group the drilldown by Active; and click Save drilldown.
  7. Click on the report structure icon again to create a second drilldown below the test2 drilldown.
  8. Name the second drilldown test3, select the type List, and click Save drilldown.
  9. Navigate to Performance Analytics > Dashboards and click New to create a new PA dashboard.
  10. Give the dashboard a name and click Submit.
  11. Click on the + sign on the right side to add widgets and select Reports from the drop down list.
  12. Select the test report you just created and add it to the dashboard.
  13. Click on any of the bars in the widget. It opens a 2nd bar chart. Click on a bar again, it opens a list.
  14. Right-click any of the column headers. Choose Export to Excel and any of the options.
    • Actual Result: No action is taken  
    • Expected Result: List is exported out
  15. Navigate to Reports > View/Run and open the report.
  16. Drilldown to the list as you did in step 13.
  17. Right-click any of the column headers.  Choose Export to Excel - the export works as expected.


This problem is fixed in Kingston and no back-porting is possible.

However when the report is directly opened in through Reports > View/Run and drilled down to the second level, the export is successful:

  1. Navigate to Report -> View/Run
  2. Search for the report name and open it
  3. Click on a report element to drill down
  4. When you get to a list, right-click on a header and choose Export > Excel

Related Problem: PRB905879

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Istanbul Patch 3

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