Application Navigator filters much more slowly in Istanbul and beyond as compared to Helsinki when typing in the Type Filter Text. Seems to be more pronounced with UI16.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Log into Helsinki instance
  2. Type a long string of text into the type filter text of the application navigator.
    • For example: business rules
      scripts - background
      Result: No matter how fast you type, the list is filtered almost immediately - cannot get ahead of it.
  3. Log into Istanbul or later instance
  4. Type the same strings of text into the type filter text of the application navigator

There is a noticeable delay, almost as if a timeout has been added. It is possible to get in the entirety of the above examples before the navigator filters, if typing fast enough. The same results and poor comparitive speed exist if pasting a value in Helsinki vs. Istanbul or later.


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Related Problem: PRB1194588

Seen In

Dublin Patch 3

Fixed In

Kingston Patch 6 Hot Fix 4
Kingston Patch 8

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