When a date field is configured for an import from an Oracle database with JDBC, the related field is created as a Basic Date/Time field in the staging table. When this field is configured to be transformed to a Date/Time field in the target table, it gives the following error with the following stack trace:

2017-08-22 03:33:26 (089) worker.1 worker.1 SEVERE *** ERROR *** com.glide.system_import_set.ImportSetTransformerWorker
at java.util.Calendar.setTime(
at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.format(
at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.format(
at java.text.DateFormat.format(
at com.glide.db.impex.transformer.TransformEntry.getDateString(
at com.glide.db.impex.transformer.TransformerField.getSourceValue(
at com.glide.db.impex.transformer.TransformerField.transformField(
at com.glide.db.impex.transformer.TransformRow.transformCurrent(
at com.glide.db.impex.transformer.TransformRow.transform(
at com.glide.db.impex.transformer.Transformer.transformBatch(
at com.glide.db.impex.transformer.Transformer.transform(
at com.glide.system_import_set.ImportSetTransformerImpl.transformEach(
at com.glide.system_import_set.ImportSetTransformerImpl.transformAllMaps(
at com.glide.system_import_set.ImportSetTransformerWorker.startWork(
at com.glide.worker.AbstractProgressWorker.startAndWait(
at com.glide.worker.ProgressWorker.startAndWait(
at com.glide.worker.BackgroundProgressJob.execute(
at com.glide.schedule.JobExecutor.executeJob(
at com.glide.schedule.JobExecutor.execute(
at com.glide.schedule.GlideScheduleWorker.executeJob(
at com.glide.schedule.GlideScheduleWorker.lambda$process$48(
at com.glide.schedule.GlideScheduleWorker$$Lambda$30/ Source)
at com.glide.worker.TransactionalWorkerThread.executeInTransaction(
at com.glide.schedule.GlideScheduleWorker.process(

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Select a table with Date format in an Oracle database.

  2. Configure this table as a data source in a ServiceNow instance.

  3. Configure a transform map from this Oracle field to a sample target table with a Date/Time field.

  4. Load data.

  5. Observe that the staging table has the Basic Date/Time attribute for that field.

  6. Run a transform against the target table and observe the error message.

  7. Change the staging table's field type to Date/time and reprocess.

    Observe that it works as expected.




Change the staging table's field to Date/Time and run the transform again. If configured for Date/Time, it will not revert back to the Basic Date/Time attribute if the table is not deleted.

Related Problem: PRB1155952

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Jakarta Patch 5

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