If a field is encrypted and users can view it, the field is visible in the exported document when exporting just one record as PDF, for example, However, when exporting the list, for example, as Excel or PDF, the field is not visible.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Activate the Encryption Support plugin.

  2. Navigate to System Security > Users and Groups > Encryption Contexts.

  3. Click New and to create a new record named encr1.

  4. Navigate to User Administration > Roles, and create a new role named role1.

  5. Set the Encryption context to encr1. If necessary, click the gear icon and add the Encryption context field to the form.

  6. Create a new user named user1, and assign the following roles: itil and role1.

  7. As an admin, navigate to a new incident form.

  8. Click the gear icon and use Create new field to add a new encr1 field of type Encrypted text.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Log in as user1, create a new incident, and populate it with some data, including the encr1 field.

  11. Save the incident.

  12. Navigate to the form, and export the incident as PDF.

    Note that the value of encr1 field is exported correctly.

  13. Navigate to the tabular form (, and click the gear icon to add the encr1 column.

    Make sure that, as user1, you can see the value of the encr1 field of the new incident.

  14. Export the table as Excel and then open it.

    Note that the value of encr1 is empty.




Exporting encrypted data from the table list is not allowed in product versions earlier than Jakarta.

For versions beginning with Jakarta, set the new system property glide.encryption.export_encrypted_data.allowed to true to allow the exporting of encrypted data from the table list view.

Related Problem: PRB946904

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Jakarta Patch 1

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